Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Spooktacular" Third Annual Habitat for Humanity 50K Bicycle Ride

I missed it last year, but two years ago, I attended the first of what has become an annual bicycle ride to raise funds for the local Durham Habitat for Humanity. The entry fee is $25 and one can ride 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) or twice that distance. Both times, I enjoyed the 50k ride.

I was originally planning on riding with four friends, but the forecast was for rain till 10a, and the ride was starting, rain or shine, at 9. All but one decided not to ride, and I was not expecting to ride, either. But the weather turned out to be sunny, though windy. I couldn't hook up with the one friend, so did this ride by myself, though I met some very nice folks. The weather proved to be lovely - in the 60s but with some wind toward the end (I must have pulled in around noon), at times reaching around 20mph!

The route was scenic and not very difficult, with just a few short hills. Next year, I hope that my wife (away at the moment) and I can do this ride on our tandem we hope to have before spring.


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