Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shakespeare Play, Twelfth Night; Video 12 Days of Christmas by Boymongoose

Along with two friends, my wife and I went to see Shakespeare's comic play, Twelfth Night, put on by students of UNC Chapel Hill's Department of Dramatic Art (Professional Actor Training Program). I wasn't familiar with this Shakespeare play and didn't heed reasonable advise about reading or otherwise becoming familiar with a play of his before seeing it. The language was characteristically rich and had a number of plays on words, many of which I, no doubt missed.

The comic love story about mistaken identity was a treat to see. The acting was good and sometimes excellent, particularly by D. Williams (playing the fool Feste) and Marla Yost (the twin Viola). I enjoyed the interesting decidedly anachronistic approach that the director, Charlie Steak, took, using period language but a mixture of period and contemporary costume and a delightful little rap interlude.

At UNC, they have an upcoming free performance that sounds interesting, Night Sky; here is the description from their website:

Night Sky
a drama by Susan Yankowitz
Directed by Barbara Harrison
November 17-21
Historic Playmakers Theatre
Internationally produced and acclaimed, it is the drama of a highly motivated female astronomy professor who is rendered aphasic after suffering a concussion in a car accident. The once articulate and abrasive professor must learn how to speak all over again. The play explores the relationship between the black holes in the cosmos and the black holes in the mind; the poetry of unconventional language; and the ways in which all of us struggle to communicate the thoughts and feelings locked within our most private selves. The play was first directed by Joseph Chaikin, himself aphasic. This beautiful and challenging work provides a thrilling venue for all actors and one of the most challenging and impressive roles for female actresses.

By the way, it's not a cultural event, but I can't resist sharing a well-made and funny video that a friend shared with me earlier in the week that parodies people from India. The Australian group Boymongoose and their 12 Days of Christmas!


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