Saturday, March 18, 2006

Play The Trip to Bountiful

My friend Claire Newlon played the lead role in the Young People's Performing Company production of the Oscar-winning 1985 The Trip to Bountiful, and I had the delight to see her tonight! It was a touching story of Carrie Watts, played very well by Claire, a retiree living in Houston in the 1940s with her son Ludie and daughter-in-law Jessie Mae. Mrs. Watts longs to return to Bountiful, a tiny Texas town that she grew up in, but Ludie is too busy to make what he feels is an unnecessary trip to a town long forgotten by progress. Jessie Mae is unrespectful and demanding.

All the teenagers did laudable jobs! I was surprised how effectively they were able to tell this emotive and mature story. I look forward to attending a future performance by YPPC!


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