Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Play My Name is Rachel Corrie

Controversy surrounds the death of a peace activist in Israel's Palestinian occupied terratories, Rachel Corrie. She was an American who sympathized with Palestinians and spent time living with them. While staying with a Palestinian family, she was killed when an Israeli bulldozer came at night to destroy property. Was Rachel a hero of the oppressed or was she a thorn in the side of justice is how the debate seems to have taken form.

Tonight, Durham's Manbites Dog Theater showed a free quickly put together performance of My Name is Rachel Corrie. It had run in England and was coming to New York, but shortly before its first performance was cancelled due to its controversial story. The feedback was strong, and the Theater will consider if they can produce this play next year.

Here is the description that I received via email from the NC Society for Ethical Culture:

On March 16th 2003 Rachel Corrie was tragically killed by an Israeli military bulldozer while defending a Palestinian home from illegal demolition in Rafah, Gaza. On Tuesday, May 9 a reading of the play, My Name is Rachel Corrie will be held at the Manbites Dog Theater in Durham. ... The play is currently enjoying a successful run in London, unfortunately an anticipated opening in New York was recently canceled due to political pressure. The presentation will be directed by Jay O'Berski and feature Dana Marks. Jay is very interested in doing a full production and a good audience at the reading will certainly encourage what could be an important theater event as well as a strong statement against censorship.


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