Thursday, April 06, 2006

Opening day of Full Frame Festival

We had an unchangeable important appointment about 2.5 hours away in Charlotte, so only had time to get our registration materials and see the first 30 or 35 minutes of Stranger with a Camera - what we saw was an intriguing story about Hugh O'Connor, a filmmaker in 1967 filming poverty in Eastern Kentucky, who was shot by a man, Hobart Ison. We got back in time to see some evening films, but the first we wanted to see (Workingman's Death) was sold out. We did see Sweet Monster and Wide Awake in the last film slot; I particularly enjoyed the former, a short film about a family trying to sleep with their child repeatedly coming to complain of monsters in his room.

By the way, enroute back to the festival, we discovered a great find, an all (or almost-all) volunteer run cafeteria (with significant and labeled vegan selections) in Winston-Salem with all profits going to charity, California Fresh Buffet. The food was good, the staff acted professionally, and the restaurant was one of the very cleanest I've eaten at!


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