Sunday, November 12, 2006

Durham Art Walk; Film Belle de Jour (Luis Buñuel, 1967)

Last year, we enjoyed attending the Durham Art Walk,
a free event downtown where almost 100 artists show and sell their work. It was fun, and today we got to attend it just for a few hours. There was some notable photography, mosaics, and painting that we enjoyed. We purchased a very affordable glass butterfly craft - or, rather, asked them to make such a butterfly in purple and expect it within a week. That butterfly is destined for our garden, perhaps hanging on to a camellia bush. Too bad that we didn't have more time to spend at the Walk this year!

On my own, in the evening I went to my first event of The Cinema, Inc., "Raleigh's oldest [since 1966 I think] ... nonprofit film society [which] offers classic feature presentations monthly at The Rialto Theatre". The film tonight was the French/Italian 1967 Belle de Jour starring Catherine Deneuve.

I didn't quite understand the film. A young wife, Séverine Serizy (Deneuve) loves her husband but has unusual fantasies about being with other men. This leads her to become a prostitute (taking the name Belle de Jour - beauty of the day?), always returning before her unsuspecting husband would get home each evening.


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