Friday, January 05, 2007

Film Army of Shadows (L' Armée des ombres; Jean-Pierre Melville, 1969)

The NC Museum of Art Winter Film series began today with the film Army of Shadows (French L' Armée des ombres) directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. Though it is a film from 1969, apparently it was released in the States recently in 2006.

It is a difficult film to see about the French Resistance to Nazi occupation in WWII. It moves quietly and quickly through intrigue and, for me, difficult to see violence and assasinations for the larger cause. A well made film, it takes some strength to get through, especially for sensitive viewers, but is an unforgettable story of the dedication of an underground resistance and its will to use any means necessary to achieve its goals.

My friend "moviediva", the curator of the films, has always interesting notes about the films, which she uses for her introductions and posts a day or so after the screening. You can read her comments about Army of Shadows.


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